IDS2012 Things I couldn’t resist at the Interior Design Show 2012 in Toronto

There was so much there and so many new trends and technologies. But these are the things that I took notice of.
Plant displays on the Bar at IDS12
I love this fabric it and the chair come from John Paul & Co
The tassel is back to the extreme on this great pendant light sold by Eurolite

This is pure ELTE. I fell in love with the oversize clock and just wanted to jump on the bed!

ELTE recycled sari carpet

ELTE recycled sari carpet. The colours can be subtle or vibrant.

I didn't get the company name of this booth but I love the idea of bringing nature into the home.

Same unknown booth I love the grain and it's finished roughness (can a finished surface be rough?) If anyone recognizes this company's name I'd love it.

Unknown booth but here's the thing. Great mood lighting and the lighting cleans off the table. Meaning no lamps to knock over great for blind people and the minimalist.

Colour is coming to the kitchen again. Reds, Pinks, Blues, blacks and it's even being found in your new faucets. Delta Faucets

Quality Bedding there's nothing like it. From Au Lit Fine Linen

As I said colour really is back in the kitchen again. Fire Engine Red stove and matching hood. I wasn't sure which booth this belonged to, but it's a trend away from neutrals towards colours.

Tile patterns and colour are coming into our tiles again. Look for pattern, metallic, mirror, glass and crystal tiles. This is from Orro Mosaic.

Modallion Rugs These people bring in custom made hand knotted rugs. They can even take photographs and make a lasting memories.

Modallion Rugs

Modallion Rugs often have a little 'edge' to them. These actually have skulls within their pattern.

Not sure who's booth this is but it's reclaimed salvage items that have be repurposed. If you know who's booth this is please tell me.

Old drafting table. If only I had the room for it.

This is an old tool box that would normally be found in an old car garage. I'd love it in a mudroom or potting shed for 'things'.

I love the black in the grain of this table top. You can only find this in a cabinet/carpenter's work. Independant Artist's work.

Artist Eric Tardif Titled: Morning Flight

This is a framed fan from Open Studio. So delicate and you can almost see the story of it's experiences over it's life span. So cool.

Another booth I missed getting the company's name. I loved this booth, hand painted imported dishware. There were also plates hanging up with raised butterflies on them, the photo did not impressed me.

Krups again has come up on my raidar with this teapot. Only tea lovers will understand that this teapot was created to steap a perfect cup of tea. Not all tea should be heated to one temperature and this teapot heats to those different temperatures.

From Andrew Richard Design, this outdoor furniture is the perfect coffee clutch/entertaining centre. I can even see this indoors.

This Norwegian design is from the Convita Collection by VAD available here from Buhler Furniture. It comes in many colours, with/without arms, the foot rest can be part of the piece or separate.

From VAD available at Buhler Furniture

Made by VAD available at Buhler Furniture.

Ok these are cool. They are chairs that are folded to form their shape and can be unfolded to lie flat for storage. They come in many colours, adult and kids sizes. Yes they are indoor and outdoor useable! So as spare seating or patio furniture, they work on so many levels. Made by Flux Residential or Commercial use.

Lights at AM Studios Lighting is now not just useful it's an art form.

AM Studio lighting

AM Studio lighting

UP Country is always good for fun stuff. They are known for British flag decor items, but I fell in love with their metal sea chest decor items and I don't know what it is but I love all things furry!

UP Country's Sea Chest Metal desk! Love the rounded corners, but then I'm so clumsy at times they would save me a bruises.

Future blog posts will be covering other companies represented at IDS2012 and products I’ll be looking at in the stores themselves over the months to come. Hope you enjoy.


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