Valentine’s Day when staging counts

Okay I’m not a big person for decorating much beyond Christmas and Halloween. Why? Seriously, I hate putting everything away just after I get it all set up and I don’t get to enjoy it as much.

So holiday posts don’t often make an appearance here.  But I thought as my son gets older I might change my ways and with that I’ve put together a few inspirational images. Love and Romance.

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Picture found on Pinterest but from:

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Picture found on Pinterest but from it’s so powerful.

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Even birds know love. Picture found on Pinterest but from: Stumbleupon.

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Found on Pinterest but picture is from:

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Found on Pinterest.

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Found on Pinterest but from:

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Picture from Pinterest but from:

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Picture from Pinterest but from:

Not traditional Valentine fair but I think it makes the point. That feeling can be inspired from many places.




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Gautier Furniture Launch Party

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Gautier Furniture is new to Canada, but not to the world. They are a 50 year old company from France, but can be found in sixteen different countries. Customer service is what they specialize in, with great sales and after care programs. Look online at they even have a 3d floor planner for your home or office so you can see your new furniture in your space before you buy.

Their collections are designed to work together no matter how many or how few you select. They are designed for letting you select for your needs and not what they think you need. This gives you a true feeling of built in items without having to deal with all the construction.

Gautier also looks at their production from a quality, price point and eco design perspective. With environmenally conscious decisions in selling wind up alarm clocks, eco-journals and furniture that comes from recycling leftover wood from their manufacturing facilities. They have made it a part of their company’s views and efforts.

The launch party was great and I was delightfully surprised with the price point of this furniture and the practical features that have been added to these products.  This furniture is made for today and how we are living within our spaces. Hope you’ll stop by their new shop in Toronto at 230 Adelaide Street East.

Note on blog changes: I decided I’d try a slide show as there are over 20 photos. I’d love to hear how you like this layout versus scrolling through photo after photo like before.

IDS2012 Things I couldn’t resist at the Interior Design Show 2012 in Toronto

There was so much there and so many new trends and technologies. But these are the things that I took notice of.
Plant displays on the Bar at IDS12
I love this fabric it and the chair come from John Paul & Co
The tassel is back to the extreme on this great pendant light sold by Eurolite

This is pure ELTE. I fell in love with the oversize clock and just wanted to jump on the bed!

ELTE recycled sari carpet

ELTE recycled sari carpet. The colours can be subtle or vibrant.

I didn't get the company name of this booth but I love the idea of bringing nature into the home.

Same unknown booth I love the grain and it's finished roughness (can a finished surface be rough?) If anyone recognizes this company's name I'd love it.

Unknown booth but here's the thing. Great mood lighting and the lighting cleans off the table. Meaning no lamps to knock over great for blind people and the minimalist.

Colour is coming to the kitchen again. Reds, Pinks, Blues, blacks and it's even being found in your new faucets. Delta Faucets

Quality Bedding there's nothing like it. From Au Lit Fine Linen

As I said colour really is back in the kitchen again. Fire Engine Red stove and matching hood. I wasn't sure which booth this belonged to, but it's a trend away from neutrals towards colours.

Tile patterns and colour are coming into our tiles again. Look for pattern, metallic, mirror, glass and crystal tiles. This is from Orro Mosaic.

Modallion Rugs These people bring in custom made hand knotted rugs. They can even take photographs and make a lasting memories.

Modallion Rugs

Modallion Rugs often have a little 'edge' to them. These actually have skulls within their pattern.

Not sure who's booth this is but it's reclaimed salvage items that have be repurposed. If you know who's booth this is please tell me.

Old drafting table. If only I had the room for it.

This is an old tool box that would normally be found in an old car garage. I'd love it in a mudroom or potting shed for 'things'.

I love the black in the grain of this table top. You can only find this in a cabinet/carpenter's work. Independant Artist's work.

Artist Eric Tardif Titled: Morning Flight

This is a framed fan from Open Studio. So delicate and you can almost see the story of it's experiences over it's life span. So cool.

Another booth I missed getting the company's name. I loved this booth, hand painted imported dishware. There were also plates hanging up with raised butterflies on them, the photo did not impressed me.

Krups again has come up on my raidar with this teapot. Only tea lovers will understand that this teapot was created to steap a perfect cup of tea. Not all tea should be heated to one temperature and this teapot heats to those different temperatures.

From Andrew Richard Design, this outdoor furniture is the perfect coffee clutch/entertaining centre. I can even see this indoors.

This Norwegian design is from the Convita Collection by VAD available here from Buhler Furniture. It comes in many colours, with/without arms, the foot rest can be part of the piece or separate.

From VAD available at Buhler Furniture

Made by VAD available at Buhler Furniture.

Ok these are cool. They are chairs that are folded to form their shape and can be unfolded to lie flat for storage. They come in many colours, adult and kids sizes. Yes they are indoor and outdoor useable! So as spare seating or patio furniture, they work on so many levels. Made by Flux Residential or Commercial use.

Lights at AM Studios Lighting is now not just useful it's an art form.

AM Studio lighting

AM Studio lighting

UP Country is always good for fun stuff. They are known for British flag decor items, but I fell in love with their metal sea chest decor items and I don't know what it is but I love all things furry!

UP Country's Sea Chest Metal desk! Love the rounded corners, but then I'm so clumsy at times they would save me a bruises.

Future blog posts will be covering other companies represented at IDS2012 and products I’ll be looking at in the stores themselves over the months to come. Hope you enjoy.

Wallpapers can be eco, but how eco are they really?

CLD Pure Wallpaper Collection Pattern: Zen from

How can wallpaper be environmentally sound? In several ways actually and you have to know what you’re looking for when you’re looking at it.  There are adhesives that are low VOC now. Primers for wall coverings too can be low VOC too.  Then you have the actual paper involved, some are from recycled papers or from managed forests.  A few use their scraps to actually heat their production plant. Others limit their production of product so that they can produce only what is needed. These wallpapers have the same quality as other wallpapers equal to their costs.  Though selection is limited currently, but as demand continues to rise the selection will increase.

Just remember wallpaper can be made of recycled materials but still have a vinyl coating.  The vinyl does off gas but it will also be washable.  A purely paper or fabric based wallpaper will have problems with cleaning and is not good in a kitchen, bathroom or high traffic area. Fabric based wallpapers need a liner before they can go on the wall.  If you’re going to spend the money on high quality wallpaper, it’s not that much more to get a qualified installer.

There are two general types of wallpaper and they have different purposes. Residential and Commercial and these both can be purchased through an Interior Decorator or Designer.  Commercial is designed to meet the needs of larger spaces, both in width, the amount of traffic in the spaces, fire codes and health regulations.  The benefit of putting this in a residential home is the codes and regulations are higher for commercial spaces. Downside, not all installers are able to hang it as the size changes how it goes into a space as in the need for more than one person to install it, estimating the amount needed for the job.

Another type of wall covering that’s taking on an interest is. Paste the wall and then apply the wallpaper dry. It seems to be faster, as the wall paper doesn’t need to be soaked or pasted. Cutting and trimming the wallpaper is far less trouble some in that the paper doesn’t bunch, wrinkle or tear as much.  The key to this application is that wallpaper is much easier to remove which makes it a great application that’s temporary (5 yrs or less).  This type of application is great for apartments or if you need something to a wall treatment for the present.

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper collection: The Lotus Papers pattern: BP 2020

Common problems people come across:

–          Difficulty removing old wallpaper? (Commonly because the walls were not sized and primed properly in the first place.)

–          Plastic or vinyl covering on wallpaper making it hard to remover? (Uses a steamer rather than heat and score the wall covering a lot before using the steamer.)

–          Wall covering sometimes will shrink slightly leaving gaps at the top or bottom (draperies can do this too.) if the space is very dry fabrics and paper can shrink as they dry, that’s why it’s better to remove molding on the wall and put it back when you’re done. Be mindful of the ventilation of the room. (If you have time during your project or the ability.)

With today’s market, the price of wallpapers varies greatly.  This medium has changed greatly and it’s not like paint at all. The wallpapers pictured here can’t truly be appreciated fully because you can’t feel the texture or three dimensional qualities of them.  With this ability the wallpaper manufacturers are now making available the finishes of yesterday and the designs of tomorrow by creating convincing reproductions of things like stucco or panelled walls. ( works with designers making unique murals and wallpapers.  They use latex which is water based.  They run only what’s needed for a project and thereby lowering their impact. Their product is commercial grade and they recommend a clear coat finish to be added after the wallpaper is on the wall for high traffic areas. (This is a product that must be installed by a professional as recommended by Rollout and me.)

Carey Lind Designs produces a product line called CLD Pure. (Sold through your Interior specialist. See Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics ( for those in the trade.) This wallpaper collection is one of the wallpapers that cross into commercial grade.

These are just a few Farrow & Ball wallpapers for instance I’ve been personally by a company representative that their papers are all 30% recycled paper. These wallpapers can be purchased at retailers of Farrow & Ball products (

Papyro02 by Don Cleland from Artist Series One

Wallpaper can be so many things today and yes it can be complicated to install.  But once it’s up properly, you can enjoy it for a long time.  A space can be made even better with the right pattern.  Be fearless and enjoy the fruits of it in the years to come.

As economy goes down, our bedding and beds are getting more downy.

I’ve been looking around at bedding and bed frames. Why?  Because I like to sleep just like everyone else does and when my mattress (12 yrs gone) gives me pinched nerves I start brain storming around for a solution.

This happens to be the best time to go out and find it.  Between November and January are when the furniture stores are getting rid of as much stock as possible so that they may bring in the new styles for spring.

Now remember around New Year’s of every year, the new hot trends come out.  I always recommend that you look at last year’s trends and the new year’s trends.  Often you can easily buy something that will work with what’s coming out without too much worry.  I also like to keep a journal of things I like as I discover them. (It’s always a work in progress and runs through a number of actual books and files on Evernote.

If you happen to notice anything you just love and aren’t ready to buy then, take a photo and make notes of the details of the item, where you saw it, who makes it, and how much. If you go back and it’s gone, you now have information that you or a design specialist like myself can search out the product on the internet and trade only stores (Note: Design specialists often can help you get a deal, ask them how they work before you sign the dotted line.)

Now for the good stuff. Bed’s aren’t just base metal frame, box spring, mattress and a few sheets, pillows and a blanket or two.   Right now the bed and bedroom are getting the treatment we now expect our bathrooms should have.  (Who doesn’t want a spa-like haven for a bathroom?)  The bedroom may not be spa-like, but more like a cosy haven.  Calming colours blending in with whites, creams, brown and blacks all play into the factor.  The bedroom is also being taken up a knotch with mirrors (NOT sleezy motel styles, think more mirrored bedside tables or a mirrored dressing table top.).  The bedroom is being glammed up with chandeliers that are small versions of what is found in your diningroom.   Size and scale of furniture and fixtures are also being played with and clutter is so gone by the wayside.  Keep your dressing table contained!  Lucite trays/bamboo trays/mirrored trays are all great objects to help contain the clutter.  Clothes going to be worn again?  Don’t drop them on the floor, try a slipper chair.  Shoes can go under it and clothing can be laid out on it easily and heaven forbid the exercycle or running machine is in your room acting as a clothes horse.  If you are a suit type of person that likes to lay out their whole outfit the night before, try an actual clothing butler stand, often found in organization solution stores or contact your design specialist.

What finishes are hip and trendy in the bedroom, almost anything really except Knotty Pine.  Also, if you’re going to mix wood finishes together try to keep them to no more than 3 or you chance having your room looking  as confused as second hand furniture store.  Yes there is hope, you have one piece that doesn’t fit in right, consider refinishing it to be more like the other pieces.

Headboards are BIG, and I mean it.  Not just popular, this piece is what finishes and denotes a bedroom.  It’s the main focal point and the headboard frames that focal point and it often helps to bring the bed into focus compared to the furniture around it also.  Be bold with it.  Colour, paint, upholstery, bold buttons, large patterns.  These don’t need to break the bank either. A headboard can be something simple as a few pillows hanging from ribbons and a decorative drapery rod.  The key with this type is to get quality fabrics and interesting finals that work with the rest of the furniture. Below are a few pictures of different beds I find interesting that I found on pinterest.

Art is so subjective and what I say about it is, keep the colours within the colour scheme of your room and you must absolutely love it.  You’ll be seeing it every day first thing in the morning (before you first cup of the morning) and last thing at night (and during your sleepless nights.)

Traditional wood and metal beds are being given an update by their polished and oiled surfaces or going into the natural bare, weathered grains. Think textures and detail. Antique bedframes are getting sanded down and painted. (Don’t expect the traditional white or black paint either. We’re looking at lemon yellow, powder pink, powder blue, and lilac.  It’s a soothing whimsy that adds a little carefree energy into the room. Calming does not have to be lifeless or boring.

Upholstered headboards are everywhere and a lot can be done with them.  Your favorite design professional can easily have a one of a kind head board made for you quite reasonably.  Remember the fabric your design professional can access is not the same as what’s at Fabricland.   Also if you do it that If it’s custom, then sizes and shapes are infinite. This helps when you are a condo person.  The custom headboard can be made in more than one piece to make it easier to move into a condo.

The separate dressing table is giving way to a more organized and visual display of one’s clothing.  Professionally organized closets defuncting large bulky dressing tables, the verticle space is being used to it’s best potential.  Shoes, purses, and even the clothing themselves can become artistic displays.

Wall to walk carpets are going away and we’re revealing our hardwood floors and accenting them with well placed carpets.  The sizes are wide right now, but even these a design specialists can have the size custom made.

Here’s a link to a video on how pick a feather pillow from :

Here’s a link from Canadian Living to what’s different between thread count:

Here they use the architecture of a closed in fireplace to create the feeling of a headboard that frames the bed.

From: Country Living Magazine, Photographer: Keith Scott Morton

Pinned Image

From Pinterest Photographer unknown. taken from

I like how taking the bed up from the living space it makes it the most important part of the bedroom.  Comfort has not be sacrificed here, even though you can’t fear heights or falling.

from Remodelista photo from Palace Store. Photographer unknown.

Love the knots and rope.

Found on Pinterest from photographer unknown.

The velvet headboard and monogramed hotel bedding gives the luxtury feel while the pink and red adds to the romance feel and the edgy feel comes from the modern materials used to make the other furniture in the room and the black contrasting pillow. But again the headboard frames the bed as the most important feature in the room.

I could go on and on with picture after picture of unique bedrooms, but to have a successful room the bedding and headboard must speak to each other.  Whether they say the same thing or say two different things that feeling should be reflected in it’s surroundings. In the last picture the decadence of the bedding and headboard are picked up in the material that shouds the room like a caccoon. This caccoon adds to the intimacy of the room and ups the volume on romance.

So when you look for your new bedroom, know what kind of bed you want, not just the size and see if you can pull a feeling from your bed and try to tweek your furniture to amp up that feeling.  The bedroom is after all the second most intimate space in the home, if there’s a space that reflects you, it’s your bedroom.

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Finally finished the Ecoholics Books – These have a big thumbs up from me.

So what’s taken me so long to post this message. I have LOTS of excuses and won’t bore anyone with the fiddly bits.  But this is my review on the Echoholic books by Adria Vasil and all the work she’s done to create these and her column in NOW magazine.

Here’s a woman that did her research into the science and the reality of the products that are on the market.  She doesn’t just give us a product name and how bad it is.  She’s gone out and looked at how bad the products is beyond the marketing scare, then she finds alternative product here in Canada and really takes a look at what’s in them and how they stand up to the claims on their labels.  Then she gets to to see how they all stack up to each other.

Adria (I hope she doesn’t mind me using her first name.) goes beyond the usual things like cleaning chemicals and paints. She goes into explaining about the off gasing from furniture and carpets and what creates less off gases and why. What do these off gases do to us and our loved ones.

These aren’t alarmist books either. It’s not use this product or else. It’s not jumping on the “Green” marketing bandwagon. (Of which I am in agreement with her that it’s not something to be impressed about. It’s the whole slapping “transfats free” label on a product that never had transfats before.) Adria informs you of what’s out there and what she finds, but lets you the reader decide what you’re comfortable with and what you’re willing to change and use.

The first book covers everything from household cleaners to major appliances. Bug sprays to paint.  The second book gets more personal and gets into what touches you. Cosmetics, hair dyes, soaps and more.

If you have medical conditions that make you sensitive to things and you can’t figure out what is making you have these problems.  Her research, experiences and information may help you take a second look around you with a different light.

Illness in this day and age is no longer related to unsanitary conditions.  A ‘clean’ home is not always a healthy home.  We as a people are at a point where we must educate each other on the reality of what we are doing to the space around us.

We don’t accept the first doctor’s opinion about our health, why would we let 2-10 companies tell us what’s best to clean our spaces.  When did we stop taking recommendations from those generations that came before us?  Our great-grandmothers and grandmothers did things differently because there weren’t all these pretty coloured and attractively packaged cleaners out there that promised the world of ‘clean’.

Interior decorators and designers are here to cut back on the “marketing” buzz that can only could the real issues.  Books like this help educate us and our clients so that an informed decision can be made.

Because who wants to invest in a mattress that has you waking up ever morning with breathing problems.  There are times when a person has to speak out only because no one else has thought to mention it in polite society.

Interior decorators and designers can give their clients the privacy to confidently explore what and how to change their space into a healthy and happy environment.  For instance, any good decorator will know how to care for the products they off to their clients with the client in mind.

I would never give a client a dry clean only slip cover for a sofa if there was a family member with breathing problems. A family with small children doesn’t have time to get the professionals in to clean every other week or an hour before the lovely mother-in-law comes. (I do love my mother-in-law wish she was my mom.)  But in this day and age, easy clean does NOT mean no style.

Next post is finally the end to the 1950s bathroom nightmare (thank heaven’s it’s my bathroom and not a clients. The delays would have been unacceptable otherwise.)


Updates of all things happening.

Wendy M Turley Interiors Ltd. is now active and open for business.  You can also find it online in through in the GTA area.

I’d like to thank Lori Morris Designs and Kelly Hagen for responding so quickly to the call for old sample fabric sample books. Sherree says that she still has many contacts that can use these samples to make creative products and if any are interested in any of her items to contact her through

There have been many complications with the 1950s bathroom redecoration from problems within the apartment building and the walls have been opened again for a third time.  This means now that the whole apartment is now a construction zone with the client unable to leave.

With summer here there’s been a little chaos and I had to man that, I hope to be back to dealing with more design and insights into all.


Okay, the gods of design are against me.  We’ve just had our internet connection disconnected while I was writting this blog post.  Why? Water and electricity and internet connections don’t mix.  We had a water leak on the roof (6 floors above) take out everyone’s internect connection.  Which included our TV and home phone connection.  The wonders of technology and the power of elemental nature.  I’m still wondering who was the brain that thought installing cable in a wet wall was a bright idea.  Okay, my disgust aside and my son’s addiction to Go, Diego, Go now being satisfied.  Monday I start back to the bathroom transformation with a week starting with the final coat of paint on the bathroom, then resealing the bathtub, sink and tiles.  Then scrubbing old paint from fixtures, tile and other locations.  A note, we actually had to get someone in to remove black mold from the medicine cabinet (Ewww! But that’s what happens in a old place.)  It’s now dealt with and on to pushing for new soap holders and toilet paper holders from the Management of the building.  These are so old that the soap dish holders have been worn away from the soap residue and household cleaners that have been used on them.  This is what happens when you use the incorrect cleaners for the job. (I want to know what body bars they were using in this place so I don’t use them!  If that’s what has happened to metal what does it do to the skin? Household cleaners are a whole different story and I think I’m going to cover that in my next blog post.  I’m reading a couple of books right now that talk about things you find around the house and what they really do to the home environment beyond cleaning up things like soap scum, grass stains and grease. You’ll never see the cleaning aisle in the same way again and as I’ve said before, you’ll learn the difference betweeen an environmentally safe product versus a “Green” product.)

Life is never dull and I’m so glad to be back.

Call to Toronto Decorators and Designers Recycle Old Sample Books


This is a call to all Toronto Decorators and Designers.  A couple of days ago I got an e-mail from a lady looking for old sample books and fabric samples that would otherwise go into a landfill.

For what? She and many in her artist community use the old fabrics to make pillows, quilts and artwork for auctions and sales of which the money goes to various charities like Foodbanks, and finished products go as far as Calgary for gift baskets that are placed into charity auctions.

The items in the images have already been sold and pick up of fabric books and fabric samples can be arranged.  Contact Sherree at

I don’t have much, but maybe someone else has something.






Made from fabric samples


Texture, Colour and Lighting not so simple things to work with. It’s actually Science.

So many people ask me about these popular words they hear on Popular Decorating TV Programs.

How do decorators and designers use these and to what affect do they have on those with special needs?

Texture is interesting because many decorators and designers often use this term as if it was the latest colour. What is texture? It the feel of a surface. Smooth, woven, bumpy, and so many other words are used to describe texture.  But how is it used in a space?  It’s used to add discerning layers in a space where colour is often very similar. A woven linen pillow on a suade sofa. When both are white, the textures give the eye and touch a way to keep the two objects from looking identical and getting lost in each other. When dealing with someone who is aging, low or no sight the feel of an object can give the person a key to how things are organized in a space that they might not have otherwise.  The texture of a basket can identify what is in it. This I found helps at 3 am in a baby nursery even with sight. I mentioned older people and I mention them because as the eyes harden with are it often becomes harder to differentiate between different shades of colour.

When some says blue makes them sad, they mean it.  But it’s not just the colour it can be many things that make it so.  Blue can be periwinkle or navy, powder blue or pansy,      What colour are add around it will denote if it’ s depressing or innovative. The amount of colour also can change it’s feel too.  There’s a science to colour combinations and that’s where a decorator or designer comes in.  Beige, white and brown are the sure sign that it’s an old design or the client is afraid of colour use.  Older people will often select bolder colours and busier patterns as they need it to discern one object from another.  Decorators can help minimize this issue with other options.  Someone with low sight needs the bolder colours to tell where one thing begins and another ends. Then colour becomes a tool for safety and beauty. A decorator can help make a space that works without the stairs looking like a subway platform. Accommodation does not have to feel like it anywhere.

Lighting can be fun, pretty and useful. However, it can be a disaster too if too much or not enough is used. You can also use the wrong lighting too. I kid you not I know someone who loved a chandelier until it got into her space. What caused her to want to tear it out? The light bulb. Yes, more science you don’t see on TV. A qualified decorator knows the math and the temperatures for most  settings. Temperatures? It seems that different temperatures give off different colours of light. Yes you all know of black light. But in reality different types of light and different temperatures will give you different colours of light and it will effect mood, colour, and how you see things.  That means an eggplant dining room could look black in a blue light or purple in yellow light.  Put a beautifully cooked turkey under tradition florescent lights and it will look raw. There are different types of lighting purposes and they are not all served by the same type of light. Everyone has heard of mood lighting or task lighting but there are other kinds too. Lighting that just covers spots, directional lighting, and lighting for safetly.
Often spaces need different types of lights at different times, especially today with open concepts and multiple use rooms. This is called layering and decorators will use it not just to make a statement or up your budget, but in fact to make you space more useful and cost effective. The dimmer switch is a decorator’s favorite tool to keep budgets down and your utility bill too.  Why? Because the lighting for your party is not the same as when it’s just you in front of your TV with the scary movie playing and when you’re finishing that work you just had to take home with you. Lighting is also for safety, but with electricity bills the way they are many decorators are helping lower them by using LED lighting under kitchen cabinets and on stairs. LED lighting is making big technological advances and you can find great chandeliers with LED lights. This means lower bills and less light bulb changes. Again safety older people will have the extra light, lower bills and will be more safe by not needing to climb to change a bulb. How much light needed in a room varies, but a good decorator knows how much is needed and how many light bulbs are needed to get that and that is what chandeliers come in different sizes and shapes.

A decorator or designer is not there to just waste money making a room look pretty anymore. They are your guides to help you sift through the large amount of product along with your individual needs and style.  They should have the education and knowledge of the science to offer you a working solution that fits your tastes and budget.

Wendy M. Turley Interiors now on Facebook

What have we been up to here lately?  Well here’s a list:

1) Introducing our new facebook page:

2) Just finished sending off the information for our company website: (Not yet up.)

3) Reading “Ecoholic Home” by Adria Vasil.

Why am I reading this?  It’s part of a series of books that are go to books on what’s really out there and what’s marketed as “Green” versus really being green. Why things aren’t as healthy as we first believed?  Did our mothers or grandmothers have home care right or not?  Alternatives don’t always have to be time consuming to make and how to chose products with educated questions.

4) I’ve become my own client and it wasn’t my fault. Two water pipes have broken in the kitchen and bath of my very own apartment and now I’ve got to redecorate it all.

Rooms being done:

– Bathroom

– Son’s Room

– Master Bedroom

– Kitchen

– Living/Dining/Hall/Entrance Area

This is an 800 sq ft two bedroom 1 bath 1950s rental apartment.  Watch how I tackle a bathroom locked in 1950s pink tile, tub, toilet, sink and Modern lighting.  I am also going to have to deal with a few building issues too.

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