Gautier Furniture Launch Party

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Gautier Furniture is new to Canada, but not to the world. They are a 50 year old company from France, but can be found in sixteen different countries. Customer service is what they specialize in, with great sales and after care programs. Look online at they even have a 3d floor planner for your home or office so you can see your new furniture in your space before you buy.

Their collections are designed to work together no matter how many or how few you select. They are designed for letting you select for your needs and not what they think you need. This gives you a true feeling of built in items without having to deal with all the construction.

Gautier also looks at their production from a quality, price point and eco design perspective. With environmenally conscious decisions in selling wind up alarm clocks, eco-journals and furniture that comes from recycling leftover wood from their manufacturing facilities. They have made it a part of their company’s views and efforts.

The launch party was great and I was delightfully surprised with the price point of this furniture and the practical features that have been added to these products.  This furniture is made for today and how we are living within our spaces. Hope you’ll stop by their new shop in Toronto at 230 Adelaide Street East.

Note on blog changes: I decided I’d try a slide show as there are over 20 photos. I’d love to hear how you like this layout versus scrolling through photo after photo like before.

Please fell free to leave a comment. Thank you.

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