As economy goes down, our bedding and beds are getting more downy.

I’ve been looking around at bedding and bed frames. Why?  Because I like to sleep just like everyone else does and when my mattress (12 yrs gone) gives me pinched nerves I start brain storming around for a solution.

This happens to be the best time to go out and find it.  Between November and January are when the furniture stores are getting rid of as much stock as possible so that they may bring in the new styles for spring.

Now remember around New Year’s of every year, the new hot trends come out.  I always recommend that you look at last year’s trends and the new year’s trends.  Often you can easily buy something that will work with what’s coming out without too much worry.  I also like to keep a journal of things I like as I discover them. (It’s always a work in progress and runs through a number of actual books and files on Evernote.

If you happen to notice anything you just love and aren’t ready to buy then, take a photo and make notes of the details of the item, where you saw it, who makes it, and how much. If you go back and it’s gone, you now have information that you or a design specialist like myself can search out the product on the internet and trade only stores (Note: Design specialists often can help you get a deal, ask them how they work before you sign the dotted line.)

Now for the good stuff. Bed’s aren’t just base metal frame, box spring, mattress and a few sheets, pillows and a blanket or two.   Right now the bed and bedroom are getting the treatment we now expect our bathrooms should have.  (Who doesn’t want a spa-like haven for a bathroom?)  The bedroom may not be spa-like, but more like a cosy haven.  Calming colours blending in with whites, creams, brown and blacks all play into the factor.  The bedroom is also being taken up a knotch with mirrors (NOT sleezy motel styles, think more mirrored bedside tables or a mirrored dressing table top.).  The bedroom is being glammed up with chandeliers that are small versions of what is found in your diningroom.   Size and scale of furniture and fixtures are also being played with and clutter is so gone by the wayside.  Keep your dressing table contained!  Lucite trays/bamboo trays/mirrored trays are all great objects to help contain the clutter.  Clothes going to be worn again?  Don’t drop them on the floor, try a slipper chair.  Shoes can go under it and clothing can be laid out on it easily and heaven forbid the exercycle or running machine is in your room acting as a clothes horse.  If you are a suit type of person that likes to lay out their whole outfit the night before, try an actual clothing butler stand, often found in organization solution stores or contact your design specialist.

What finishes are hip and trendy in the bedroom, almost anything really except Knotty Pine.  Also, if you’re going to mix wood finishes together try to keep them to no more than 3 or you chance having your room looking  as confused as second hand furniture store.  Yes there is hope, you have one piece that doesn’t fit in right, consider refinishing it to be more like the other pieces.

Headboards are BIG, and I mean it.  Not just popular, this piece is what finishes and denotes a bedroom.  It’s the main focal point and the headboard frames that focal point and it often helps to bring the bed into focus compared to the furniture around it also.  Be bold with it.  Colour, paint, upholstery, bold buttons, large patterns.  These don’t need to break the bank either. A headboard can be something simple as a few pillows hanging from ribbons and a decorative drapery rod.  The key with this type is to get quality fabrics and interesting finals that work with the rest of the furniture. Below are a few pictures of different beds I find interesting that I found on pinterest.

Art is so subjective and what I say about it is, keep the colours within the colour scheme of your room and you must absolutely love it.  You’ll be seeing it every day first thing in the morning (before you first cup of the morning) and last thing at night (and during your sleepless nights.)

Traditional wood and metal beds are being given an update by their polished and oiled surfaces or going into the natural bare, weathered grains. Think textures and detail. Antique bedframes are getting sanded down and painted. (Don’t expect the traditional white or black paint either. We’re looking at lemon yellow, powder pink, powder blue, and lilac.  It’s a soothing whimsy that adds a little carefree energy into the room. Calming does not have to be lifeless or boring.

Upholstered headboards are everywhere and a lot can be done with them.  Your favorite design professional can easily have a one of a kind head board made for you quite reasonably.  Remember the fabric your design professional can access is not the same as what’s at Fabricland.   Also if you do it that If it’s custom, then sizes and shapes are infinite. This helps when you are a condo person.  The custom headboard can be made in more than one piece to make it easier to move into a condo.

The separate dressing table is giving way to a more organized and visual display of one’s clothing.  Professionally organized closets defuncting large bulky dressing tables, the verticle space is being used to it’s best potential.  Shoes, purses, and even the clothing themselves can become artistic displays.

Wall to walk carpets are going away and we’re revealing our hardwood floors and accenting them with well placed carpets.  The sizes are wide right now, but even these a design specialists can have the size custom made.

Here’s a link to a video on how pick a feather pillow from :

Here’s a link from Canadian Living to what’s different between thread count:

Here they use the architecture of a closed in fireplace to create the feeling of a headboard that frames the bed.

From: Country Living Magazine, Photographer: Keith Scott Morton

Pinned Image

From Pinterest Photographer unknown. taken from

I like how taking the bed up from the living space it makes it the most important part of the bedroom.  Comfort has not be sacrificed here, even though you can’t fear heights or falling.

from Remodelista photo from Palace Store. Photographer unknown.

Love the knots and rope.

Found on Pinterest from photographer unknown.

The velvet headboard and monogramed hotel bedding gives the luxtury feel while the pink and red adds to the romance feel and the edgy feel comes from the modern materials used to make the other furniture in the room and the black contrasting pillow. But again the headboard frames the bed as the most important feature in the room.

I could go on and on with picture after picture of unique bedrooms, but to have a successful room the bedding and headboard must speak to each other.  Whether they say the same thing or say two different things that feeling should be reflected in it’s surroundings. In the last picture the decadence of the bedding and headboard are picked up in the material that shouds the room like a caccoon. This caccoon adds to the intimacy of the room and ups the volume on romance.

So when you look for your new bedroom, know what kind of bed you want, not just the size and see if you can pull a feeling from your bed and try to tweek your furniture to amp up that feeling.  The bedroom is after all the second most intimate space in the home, if there’s a space that reflects you, it’s your bedroom.

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